My Best Eleven in J-League 2013 season

J-League finished 2013 season.Final game in this season,Sanfrecce Hiroshima got the title and Yokohama F Marinos lost it.So I select my best eleven in 2013 season.


Shusaku Nishikawa(Sanfrecce Hiroshima)

He has special skills about kick.He can pass difficult situation for GK.But His skill isn`t only kick.Sanfrecce is the team of minimum runs. That fact proves that he`s great GK


Yuzo Kobayashi(Yokohama F Marinos)

His position is right back.He plays strongly and speedy.Especially his defence is strong.There are a lots of good ride back player in Japan.(ex:Atsuto Uchida(Schalke 04),Hiroki Sakai(Hannover 96)).He also is one of such excellent players.

Tatsuya Yamashita(Cerezo Osaka)

HIs position is center back.I was suprised by him.He is the best young defender in Japan.He can jump high and move quick.He can steal the ball without foul.

Yuki Mizumoto(Sanfrecce Hiroshima)

HIs position is center back.His defence is powerful and acurate and he can play good defence constantly.

Kyohei Noborizato(Kawasaki Frontale)

He grew good left back.The 23 years old plays offensive and good combination with Lenato.


Leo Silva(Albirex Niigata)

He is No1 foreign footballer in J League 2013 season.His position is central midfielder.He can dispossess with out foul and be good passing.

Hotaru Yamaguchi(Cerezo Osaka)

The 23 years old got cap in this Season.His position is central midfielder.He can dispossess with out foul and be good passing like Leo Silva.He has good skills about shot.

Shunsuke Nakamura(Yokohama F Marinos)

The 34 years old is MVP in this season.His freekick is still fantastic and brilliant and he led the team as captain in this season.He got 10 goals and played in 34 games.10 goals is the best performance in his career.

Lenato(Kawasaki Frontale)

The Brazilian is un stoppable.The lefty Brazillian has great dribble and powerful shot.He got 10 goals and 11 assists in this Season.Kawasaki Frontale got 65 goals in this Season.So Lenato is involed about 1/3


Yoichiro Kakitani(Cerezo Osaka)

His nickname is “Geneus”.He can trap softly and get a lots of brilliant goals.He got 21 goals without PK.His goal (vs Kashima Antlers) is selected the best goal in 2013 season.He got cap in national team and He got 3 goals in 2games East Asian cup.He is one of the players that are expected to play an active part of next year.

Yoshito Okubo(Kawasaki Frontale)

He is the best scoreler in this season(26 goals).He can move fast and have great shoot.He led the team the 3rd position and got berth about ACL.

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