Consadole Sapporo and J-League need “Vietnamese football hero” Le Cong Vinh



Last July,one of Vietnamese footballer came to Japan.His name is Le Cong Vinh.His career of Vietnam national team is 55caps and 31 goals.He joined Consadole Sapporo.After joined,He got 2goals(9games) in J League Division 2.

Strong heart

He has good skills and his FK is special.But the most important feature of him is his heart.He wants success in Japan and He wants to play in Japan.Japanese footballer may has better than Vietnamese.However Vietnamese wishes to success is stronger than Japanese.

J-League hope to get more Asia fans

J-League celebrated its 20th anniversary since its establishment last year.J-league has the strategy which is to get more fans of J-League.So J-League is looking for players that can be a symbol of Asia strategy.Le Cong Vinh can become the symbol.

Desire and Success

If he can’t become the symbol,I hope to play him in Japan.The reason is his face.His face expresses his desire.I like his face.
It is not decided whether he will play in Japan next season.If he will play in Japan next season, then I sincerely hope his success.

Lê Công Vinh first goal at J2(vs V-Varen Nagasaki)

Lê Công Vinh missed FK (vs Giravanz Kitakyushu)

Le Cong Vinh goals(Vietnam National Team)

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